About IA Health Group

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Established in 2000, IA Health Group pioneered the Industrial Athlete concept and brought this focus to achieve employee health.

Over time we observed that the repetitive motion activities of athletes and industrial workers are comparable, resulting in similar injuries which can be prevented by similar sports-focused management.

This observation has been at the core of the IA Health Group vision of keeping all Industrial Athletes safe, proud and protected.

IA Innovation

Our investment and commitment to technology keep us at the forefront of industry advancements and means that we are consistently evolving in our mission to keep workers as safe as possible at work.

Modjoul Smartbelt

The Modjoul Smart belt is a workplace wearable designed to keep employees working at their highest potential.

Ansell Inteliforz Glove

A world-first in wearable tech to protect your workers against the prevalence of injuries to the hand and wrist.

The IA Health Group Service Offering

Ask our team how we can tailor the below services to your needs by creating an end-end solution for your business while utilising industry-leading technology.

Pre-Employment Screening

Hiring the fittest and strongest candidates minimises the risk of workplace injuries occurring. We help your business make smart, data-backed hiring choices that result in a fit and effective workforce.

Injury Profiling

Our injury profiling and reporting software, combined with the deep expertise of our clinical staff, results in the proactive identification of risk factors within your business.

Our advanced data analytics system delivers measurable improvements in productivity and a reduction in treatment and management expenses.

Onsite Physiotherapy

We employ a team of highly qualified physiotherapists who have the experience, knowledge and capacity to deliver quality service to our partners.

Onsite physiotherapy services are the key to providing early intervention and prevention programs to stop workplace injuries from developing.

Manual Handling Training

We create customised training solutions based on detailed behavioral risk analysis reporting and data-backed information. These are essential tools in providing employees with the necessary education and skills to undertake safe manual handling practices within the workplace.

Drug and Alcohol Screening

Screening for the presence of Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) is becoming increasingly important as the impact of improper alcohol and other recreational drugs presents serious risks to the workplace. We can conduct on-site drug and alcohol testing, compliant with Australian Standards and in line with your Drug and Alcohol Policy, as well as on-call drug and alcohol for cause testing, which is available 24/7, 365, and Australia-wide.

Injury Management Consulting

We are proud to offer our clients access to our triage service in the event of an injury, as well as active care physiotherapy treatment, return to work support planning and our dedicated return-to-work psychology service. This combination ensures a faster return to work for the injured worker and a reduced risk of recurrent injuries.

The IA Health Group Difference

We pride ourselves on being Industry-leading experts

We are a senior-only team with established clinicians, each with a minimum of seven years of post-graduate experience. We have fostered a culture that attracts and retains the most experienced talent pool with a singular aim to improve constantly.

We remain focused on deliverables and data reporting to drive results. Our team can provide your business with various instant, monthly, and quarterly reports to assist with evaluating and driving outcomes on the program.

We utilise our own custom-built software to enable effective administration and delivery of reporting.

Our custom system derives insights through artificial intelligence and data awareness to provide true injury risk led indicators to fine-tune our strategic approach.

We use data to identify injury trends, pinpoint risks and build risk profiles tailored to your business.

We pride ourselves on innovation, and partnership with our leadership team will ensure a customised, flexible, adaptable, and proactive approach that’s always evolving.

We are also tech-enabled and have partnered with a global data intervention firm out of Clemson, SC, USA, to bring wearable technologies to our partners.

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